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Anatomic specimens of Frederick Ruysch/
dry specimens
Two pieces of lengthwise cut of mid part of femoral bone of adult
№ 4070-853а
Skull cap of child about 2 years old with injection of periosteum and dura mater
№ 4070-885
Embalmed foetus about 8 months old
№ 4070-831
Skeleton of foetus about 5 months old on natural bands with bunch of vessels
№ 4070-864
Skull cap of infant with injected periosteum and vessels of fontanel
№ 4070-891
Embalmed foetus about 4 months old
№ 4070-833
Right femur of an adult, showing vicious union after fracture
№ 4070-856
Skull of child about 1 year old without lower jaw
№ 4070-882
Injected kidney with renal pelvis
№ 4070-580
Head of a child about 2 years old
№ 4070-103
Part of spine of adult with sections of ribs and injected vessels
№ 4070-863
Heart of newborn filled with red paste.
№ 4070-381
Part of head of penis with 3 cuts to show structure.
№ 4070-700
Skull of a child about one year old without roof with nose gristles
№ 4070-339
Injected specimen of two-horn uterus of animal with vagina and part of urinary bladder
№ 4070-689
Back of body of a newborn: chest wall and pelvis
№ 4070-127
Injected kidney with large pelvis (without capsule)
№ 4070-582
Head of a newborn without cranial roof
№ 4070-108
Lower leg of infant
№ 4070-154
Skull cap of 1-year-old child with injected periosteum and dura mater
№ 4070-893
Total found on query: 142