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Lengthwise cut humerus of newborn
МАЭ № 4070-845
Heart of adult filled with red  mass
МАЭ № 4070-373
Dissected injected small intestine of an adult
МАЭ № 4070-422
Tongue, lower lip and part of chin of child
МАЭ № 4070-278
Eyeball of bull
МАЭ № 4070-310
Injected mucous coat of small intestine of adult
МАЭ № 4070-417
Skeleton of child on natural ligaments
МАЭ № 4070-870
Skeleton of foetus about 5 months old on natural bands with bunch of vessels
МАЭ № 4070-864
Cross section (half) of end part of penis
МАЭ № 4070-696
Fetus about 4 months with placenta
МАЭ № 4070-760
Right arm of a child bended in elbow with partly anatomized skin and muscles
МАЭ № 4070-149
Pia mater of a human with injected vessels
МАЭ № 4070-202
Small fragment of vessels of placenta devided into fibers
МАЭ № 4070-738
Lower part of spinal cord of an adult ("horse tail")
МАЭ № 4070-245
Head of penis of large animal cut into 5 parts
МАЭ № 4070-699
Fragment of skin
МАЭ № 4070-71
Injected small intestine of child with mucosa to the outside
МАЭ № 4070-423
Fragment of wall chest of a child including 6 ribs.
МАЭ № 4070-131
Foetus about 3 months old with part of injected placenta
МАЭ № 4070-795
Preparation of child's arm
МАЭ № 4070-2
Total found on query: 822