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A wooden house of middle peasant
И 1228-445
Group of children
И 1228-186
Basil Island: the sphingers
И 1228-940
View of old church in Annenskoye village
И 1228-483
Horse work harness
И 1228-808
Pelageya Kirshenova (18-year old)
И 1228-618
Still-llife with bread
И 1228-804
In middle peasant's house: woman at cradle with her first-born
И 1228-508
A village girl
И 1228-226
A wooden house with front garden
И 1228-234
A peasant woman from Ryazan district came to work at local peat field
И 1228-510
In mud room of middle peasant's house
И 1228-912
View of a street in Nikolskoye village
И 1228-356
Wooden house with shed at entrance
И 1228-50
House of middle peasant
И 1228-908
Peasant sharpening hammer at emery wheel
И 1228-787
A log house
И 1228-10
Window frames on the ancient house of rich village merchant
И 1228-78
Woman rinsing linen
И 1228-102
Woman at well
И 1228-909
Total found on query: 47,209