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Wooden house with garlow and balcony
И 1228-1034
A wooden house with garlow
И 1228-321
A wooden house rented out in summer
И 1228-448
Fisherwoman Anna Zaitseva (18-year old)
И 1228-607
Nets drying
И 1228-553
Dinner during harvest
И 1228-881
Peasant women at laundry
И 1228-785
The middle peasant's house (view from yard)
И 1228-461
In middle peasant's house
И 1228-837
Panorama of Valdai
И 1228-547
Front of Yelagin's palace
И 1228-951
И 1228-419
Carved wooden gate
И 1228-286
Traditional Karelian patty-cakes
И 1228-810
Women taking water from river
И 1228-247
Inside a kitchen
И 1228-678
Exhibition of Aleksandr Belikov's pictures
И 1228-961
И 1228-850
A religious procession
И 1228-493
A group of children with pets
И 1228-25
Total found on query: 47,215