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Peoples of Australia and Oceania/
Portrait of man
МАЭ И 1928-9
Portrait of man
МАЭ И 1928-86
Laundry at hospital
МАЭ И 1928-42
Portrait of warrior
МАЭ И 1928-92
Portrait of man
МАЭ И 1928-36
The Rani man
МАЭ И 1928-103
Headrest, wooden axe and fallokrypto
МАЭ И 1928-6
The Hatamis men
МАЭ И 1928-77
Woman going to work
МАЭ И 1928-94
Village children at kitchen
МАЭ И 1928-95
Group of villagers
МАЭ И 1928-124
Entrance to Harikolek village
МАЭ И 1928-113
The Menshen Papuans
МАЭ И 1928-12
Child care at hospital
МАЭ И 1928-40
Scene during dinner break at airport cosntruction
МАЭ И 1928-49
Women with chidlren
МАЭ И 1928-45
Musical instrument, image of ancestor and shield
МАЭ И 1928-3
The Rani men
МАЭ И 1928-101
Group of schoolchildren at the school within the Catholic mission
МАЭ И 1928-125
General view of village
МАЭ И 1928-109
Total found on query: 122