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painted. Turkish costumes (Medjmouai tecavir (Collection de costumes)
№ 10-1545-6АРХИВ
photographic. Military-Georgian Road. General view of Abastumani
И 2064-25
painted. Praying
№ 10-669-3АРХИВ
colored. Woman's portrait
№ 10-868-4АРХИВ
colored. Types of the Caucasus. Karachaevtsy
№ 10-1055-2АРХИВ
photographic. View of Hall
№ 4280-104
colored. Pohjanmaa (Osterbotten)
№ 10-687-3АРХИВ
photographic. Types of Kurzeme (West Latvia)
№ 10-529-3АРХИВ
photographic. German national Museum
№ 1166-2
painted. Village mulla
№ 2471-75
mezzo-tinto. Ashkhabad: harvest time
№ 10-343-1АРХИВ
photographic. Types of the Caucasus. Goldsmith
№ 10-1059-2АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: seller
№ 1168-15
painted. Easter composition
№ 10-833-4АРХИВ
photographic. Transbaikal railway: general view of Shilka station over 906 versts
№ 10-207-1АРХИВ
photographic. Russian North: peasant girl from the village of Ust-Tsylma Pechora district of Arkhangelsk government
№ 10-199-1АРХИВ
colored. Priest entering kiva before snake dance begins
№ 10-1470-6АРХИВ
painted. Russian types
№ 10-30-1АРХИВ
painted. Girls' costume. Margreta from Lapland
№ 1166-41
Skansen. Woman in costume of Smaland region (1830s)
№ 4280-318
Total found on query: 4,323