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МАЭ И 1521-40
Korean man in traditional white cloths in black headwear and with falcon.
МАЭ И 2042-90
RIver crossing
МАЭ И 2042-18
Collective farm members with participants of ethnographic expedition
МАЭ И 1859-100
Group portrait of men
МАЭ № 1679-12
Building of the Russian Mission in Seoul.
МАЭ И 1521-3
Site bought for the Russian Mission in Seoul.
МАЭ № 1679-10
Patrol in Pyongyang street
МАЭ И 1518-10
Participant of the expedition - a dog called Shishka (cone)
МАЭ И 2042-7
МАЭ И 2042-46
Cossack riding horse
МАЭ И 2042-42
Copper ware shop
МАЭ И 1521-23
Harvest time
МАЭ И 2042-77
View of Pyongyang street
МАЭ И 1518-7
Mask of detective
МАЭ И 1737-5
Yegor Kozlov in forest road
МАЭ И 2042-91
Expedition launching
МАЭ И 2042-39
Dignitary drive
МАЭ И 1521-36
Kapsan town gate
МАЭ И 2042-47
Portrait of man in traditional costume
МАЭ № 162-360
Total found on query: 47,209