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peopels of Caucasus
Woman at cradle
№ 2471-19
Emi Muskhanova
И 1070-4/2
Portrait of girl in rich national garment
№ 1334-1/10
Russian fortress of the first half of the 19th c. in the lowlands of the Samur river
И 1632-172
Man and girl in school uniform
И 2104-30
A bell tower
№ 3625-75
Dwellings and household buildings
И 2101-132
Portrait of woman with children
№ 2471-47
Scene of dances
№ 2590-33
Group portrait of village residents in modern festive tailor-made cloths
И 2104-100
Family of guide Shamsu
И 1070-9/2
Woman in festive cloths without headdress
И 2101-30
Horseman on a rod between Kwitauli and Djgerda villages
И 1768-32
Grave-stone to Ali-beg, son of Burday-shamhal, first half of the 17th c.
И 1632-91
Household outbuildings
И 2101-12
Stone with inscriptions in Arabic language mounted into wall of mosque
И 2152-12
Ancient grave
И 1632-28
Georgean women from Kah village in festiv cloths
№ 135-18
View of Metehi castle
№ 2805-28
Armenian woman in national garment
№ 1403-88
Total found on query: 2,045