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peopels of Caucasus
A bell tower
№ 3625-75
Stone with inscriptions in Arabic language mounted into wall of mosque
И 2152-12
Catching swarm
И 1513-28
Woman spinning fine thread
№ 3625-63/1
Community building in the central square of village bulit circa 18th-19th cent.
И 2132-2/2
Woman in traditional costume (front)
И 1789-75
Dwellings built in the 19th cent. and reconstructed in 1950-60s
И 2132-10/1
Residents of Khupri village
И 2132-130
Cliffs at road to Borch
И 1513-9
Woman in modern cloths of traditional cut (front)
И 2132-91
№ 3625-53
Men's woolen shirt with embroidery
И 1789-67
Bread baking stove
№ 3625-51
Pottery trade at bazaar
И 1785-146
Center of the settlement
И 1513-98
Former mosque. In the center - blockaded opening at the place of mikhrab
И 2152-3
Mlety village: vegetable gardens
№ 3625-45
Kufic inscription on mosque stone
И 1513-133
General view of Shatili village
№ 3625-9
General view of Gveleti village
И 1789-102
Total found on query: 2,046