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Fragment of woollen strip of carpet with ornament, 10-th aul of Kara - Uziakskii region
И 1381-256
Market in Tspeya village
И 1747-140
Aleutian Anna Golyh
№ 2826-995
School in collective farm
И 1918-791
Dmitri Olderogge, the Head of African Ethnography Department
И 1370-83/6
Lesson in 1st grade at school No 12
И 1864-875
Chilpik, right Amu Daria River bank, northward of Sultan-Ush-Dag
И 1342-172
Reed yurt-looking building in Kyzylordinskii region
И 1343-23
Natalia Kryukova (front)
№ 2826-1552
Fellow of the Far East Department G.A. Glovatsky at work trip in China
Mitrofan Golodov
№ 2826-1357
Site of archeological excavations
№ 2692-8
Portrait of woman, 29-year old (side face)
И 128-36
Fragment of building ceramic revetment in Khiva
И 1342-58
Muhamed Slesarev, mechanic
И 1370-196
Festive evening of the Museum fellows
И 1375-5
At bazaar
И 1785-127
Aleutian woman at basketwork.
№ 2826-31
Low fragment of wooden horse saddle
И 1918-553
Gagarino Paleolithic site: start of works at excavation site III
И 251-21
Total found on query: 46,733