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peoples of Europe
postcard. Women from Hindelopen with children
№ 2702-17
postcard. View king's castle in Krakow
№ 530-6
mezzo-tinto. All-union meeting of pioneers. Russian and Turkmen girls-pioneers
№ 10-355-1АРХИВ
colored. Russian types: horse trio and coachman
И 2203-10
photographic. View of Rome
№ 4280-1
photographic. Rome, museum della Terme
№ 4280-30
Skansen. Woman in costume of Smaland region (1830s)
№ 4280-319
№ 4280-296
Rostov. The Kremlin from the East
№ 2362-22
photographic. Russian types: ferry
И 2203-23
photographic. Types of Russia: girls in traditional costumes
№ 1168-5
photographic. Bessarabia: the Gipsies at tent
№ 10-129-1АРХИВ
colored. Country man from Garbow, Lublin Voivodeship
№ 10-598-3АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: grandmother's fairytales
И 2203-18
colored. Retired soldier
И 2203-17
photographic. The Volga river:steamboat of "Samolet" union
№ 10-78-1АРХИВ
The Hague, building where the 2st peace conference was in session
№ 4280-247
Skansen: man in costume of Sodermanland province (1840s)
№ 4280-320
colored. Easter scene
№ 10-836-4АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: raiser of alms for church construction
И 2203-16
Total found on query: 1,296