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Toichubek's fortifying
МАЭ И 1415-1
Sultan Mamyr-khan Rustemov
МАЭ И 1415-9
МАЭ И 1498-25
Device to dry pea
МАЭ И 1498-39
Biy Sartay
МАЭ И 1415-8
Woman from auls near the city of Omsk
МАЭ И 1415-7
Beaten cob washhouse
МАЭ И 1498-43
МАЭ И 1498-46
Secretary of the city of Maimachin
МАЭ И 1415-2
МАЭ И 1415-3
Traditional decoration of chimney on prosperous peasants' houses
МАЭ И 1498-40
МАЭ И 1498-51
Russian stove
МАЭ И 1498-47
Total found on query: 913