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Srtucture of the Kets tent: frame, front and back view, views from the right and left sides
И 1975-1
Birchbark dishware
И 1975-8
Birchbark box
И 1975-7
"The RAK [Russian-American Company] Post in Aian Bay"
№ 1142-9
Image of dead relative
И 1975-37
Arrow for squirrel hunt
И 1975-14
Hand sledge
И 1975-18
Hunter's munition
И 1975-13
Tent installed near modern log house
И 1975-2
Women's plate decoration
И 1975-16
Wooden cradle
И 1975-9
"Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island in the Straits of Juan de Fuca"
№ 1142-14
Roofed boat "ilimka" built by I. Simankov
И 1975-17
"Sitka Island: Kolosh[enka] River and in the distance the Ekho-Pivo"
№ 1142-17
Birchbark dishware to store fish of duck fat
И 1975-6
Clay adobe stove for baking bread
И 1975-5
A.A. Tyganov's tent at fishermen's camp
И 1975-3
Image of home patron
И 1975-36
Children's wear with fur lining (back view)
И 1975-12
И 1975-19
Total found on query: 913