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Papuan man with typical decorations
МАЭ И 2085-40
Malay vessel "urumbai"
МАЭ И 2085-42
Dyagusli, Papuan from Maklai Shore
МАЭ И 2085-37
Children's wear with fur lining (front view)
И 1975-11
Drawing and draft of boat with balance beam
МАЭ И 2085-11
Tree with memorial plate: "Vitiaz Miklouho Maclay 8/20 Sept.1871 7/19 Dec. 1872 Izoumroud"
МАЭ И 2085-47
N.N. Miklukho-Maclay's house at Mangareva Island
МАЭ И 2085-41
Participant of "Ay" festival
МАЭ И 2085-26
Magic item "mandyuri"
МАЭ И 2085-22
МАЭ И 2085-20
Sailboat "vang"
МАЭ И 2085-24
Birchbark cradle
И 1975-10
Storage of skulls and figurine of ancestor
МАЭ И 2085-16
Samples of the Papuan ornaments
МАЭ И 2085-9
Draft of cross-section of a house
МАЭ И 2085-13
"Gambor" - way to preserve dead bodies
МАЭ И 2085-14
"Gambor" - way to preserve dead bodies
МАЭ И 2085-12
Women's plate decoration
И 1975-15
Samples of ornaments used in tattooing
МАЭ И 2085-10
Sailboat "Vang"
МАЭ И 2085-4
Total found on query: 913