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Household outbuildings
И 1228-852
A hay barn
И 1228-1039
View of former stock exchange
И 1228-943
Front view of middle peasant's house with three different window frames
И 1228-192
Winter landscape
И 1228-222
Wooden house with garlow
И 1228-1038
View of a street in Nikolskoye village
И 1228-398
A hay harvest
И 1228-360
A church
И 1228-83
In a housestead
И 1228-395
Nets at the Gulf of Finland
И 1228-557
Village girls
И 1228-634
Beekeeping: beekeepers at beehive
И 1228-404
A log house
И 1228-14
House of poor peasant
И 1228-900
A peasant sharpening scythe
И 1228-167
A window frame on an old house of rich village merchant
И 1228-74
A log house
И 1228-10
Group of peasants
И 1228-644
A harrow
И 1228-725
Total found on query: 1,097