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Village shoemaker rapairing boots
И 1228-780
Buidling a house with garlow
И 1228-317
Exhibition of pictures by teacher of geography A.A. Belikov
И 1228-973
Street of Finnish village Vanga-Mysa
И 1228-895
Exhibition in the Russian Ethnographic museum
И 1228-967
View of wooden house from yard
И 1228-392
Woman at hay harvest
И 1228-45
Scene in a village street
И 1228-752
Entrance to a log house
И 1228-397
In a women's boarding house of milk and vegetable collective farm
И 1228-568
View of a street in Nikolskoye village
И 1228-224
Rest during harvest
И 1228-249
In a wash house
И 1228-216
View of wooden house with fence
И 1228-385
Horses at watreing place
И 1228-1052
An ancient roadside cross
И 1228-827
Group of the village youth
И 1228-890
A field road fenced with angle poles
И 1228-1065
Household outbuildings
И 1228-33
The village favourite half-orphan Mashenka
И 1228-624
Total found on query: 1,097