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Panorama of Iveron monastery of the 17th century
И 1228-548
Exhibition of Aleksandr Belikov's pictures
И 1228-958
A wooden house
И 1228-1070
Forest river at Perkijarvi railway station
НВФ 21-1
Entrance to a log house
И 1228-95
A young man with horse
И 1228-262
Women rinsing linen
И 1228-116
Exhibition of pictures by teacher of geography A.A. Belikov: woman in Nenets fur coat
И 1228-974
Sledge at a barn
И 1228-369
At village cemetery: granite tomb of the mid-to-late 9th century
И 1228-237
Celebration of the Panteleimon Day (9 August): horse aspersion after all-village prayings
И 1228-822
Field with oats sheaves
И 1228-746
Russian stove with oven in medium peasant Ivan Pavlov's log house
НВФ 21-5
Boulders neat Perkijarvi railway station Perkijarvi
НВФ 21-2
Lint processing
И 1228-702
A beehive
И 1228-408
Household outbuidlings
И 1228-300
Peasant woman feeding hens
И 1228-218
Yegor Filatov (73-year old), basket and bast shoe maker
И 1228-603
Buidling a house
И 1228-136
Total found on query: 1,097