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Celebration of the Panteleimon Day (9 August): cow aspersion after all-village prayings
МАЭ И 1228-825
Fisherman fishing living bait
МАЭ И 1228-773
Fishing crafts
МАЭ И 1228-772
Village children playing cards
МАЭ И 1228-802
Fish traps drying
МАЭ И 1228-776
Mother at cradle
МАЭ И 1228-795
Peasant family binding brooms
МАЭ И 1228-781
Two boats and log canoe
МАЭ И 1228-775
Children's help in household: during harvest time children sawing firewood
МАЭ И 1228-800
View of church
МАЭ И 1228-831
An ancient roadside cross at junction "Olonets-Petrozavodsk" post roads
МАЭ И 1228-828
Children Manya and Fedya at morning tea
МАЭ И 1228-798
Women rinsing the linen
МАЭ И 1228-778
Still-llife with bread
МАЭ И 1228-817
Drying of bended sledge runners
МАЭ И 1228-816
Woman at weaver's loom
МАЭ И 1228-842
Fishermen's camp at Tulmozero lake
МАЭ И 1228-774
Total found on query: 1,097