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Grandfather with grandson
МАЭ И 1228-627
Two girls carrying children
МАЭ И 1228-1049
Fishing crafts
МАЭ И 1228-772
Industrial fishery at Ladoga lake
МАЭ И 1228-748
House of poor peasant
МАЭ И 1228-900
Heap of barley sheaves
МАЭ И 1228-747
Exhibition of A.A. Belikov "Photography at the Service of Regional Ethnography"
МАЭ И 1228-996
Two boats and log canoe
МАЭ И 1228-775
Woman with samovar
МАЭ И 1228-1050
Fisherman fishing living bait
МАЭ И 1228-773
House of middle peasant
МАЭ И 1228-898
Children playing "the house"
МАЭ И 1228-803
Front of Yelagin's palace
МАЭ И 1228-951
House of poor peasant under straw roof
МАЭ И 1228-903
House of middle peasant Sander
МАЭ И 1228-1084
House of poor peasant
МАЭ И 1228-899
Children at terrace steps of middle peasant's house
МАЭ И 1228-911
Fishermen's camp at Tulmozero lake
МАЭ И 1228-774
Stock of home-made bricks
МАЭ И 1228-845
Village children playing cards
МАЭ И 1228-802
Total found on query: 1,097