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House of rich peasant
№ 1691-24
Place  to dry tackle
№ 1691-52
Temelkin's wife with children
И 1177-44
Mouth of the Imbak river
№ 1691-71
Firewood transportation on sladges in summer
№ 1691-48
Voew of the Gorbichi Lake
И 2184-21
Breast plate from the costume of shaman from Turukhansky region housed by Krasnoyarsk museum
№ 1699-4
Shaman Maksim Bezrukhikh in shaman costume
И 1177-22
House of rich peasant
№ 1691-28
Hanging coffin
И 2184-33
Wild reindeer hunting
И 1177-131
Maria Bezrukhikh, wife of Ilya Bezrukhikh, Head of Local Counsel, makes chips of rotten tree for cradle laying
И 1177-51
Winter chum with snow beaters
И 1177-68
White reindeer with summer-time horns
И 1268-137
Inside of shaman's tambourine
И 1177-20
Construction to store hay
№ 1691-41
Lanslides at the Yenisei river bank
№ 1691-85
И 1177-71
Carcass of chum abandoned by owners left for hunt where they mount another one
И 1177-72
Reindeers of Nenets people who came to Yanov Stan settlement for trade
И 1177-124
Total found on query: 47,198