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Rhine Dom in Cologne
№ 4280-197
photographic. Types of Trans-Baikal natives: Buryat wrestling during festivals
№ 10-233-1АРХИВ
photographic. Rome. Venice's temple
№ 4280-40
colored. Women fro Grodner
№ 10-518-3АРХИВ
photographic. Rome, St. Paolo basilica
№ 4280-17
colored. Kirgiz bride in wedding costume. The Altai.
№ 10-239-1АРХИВ
colored. Portrait of young woman
№ 10-694-3АРХИВ
painted. Song "Dolya bednyaka..."
№ 10-121-1АРХИВ
photographic. Tirol. Couple in ancient Groden costumes
№ 4280-92
250th anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the USSSR (Building of former Kunstkamera. The place of the initial stage of the Academy's activity)
photographic. Ceremony of funeral of Mikaso Mutsihito: the Princes
№ 2939-8
photographic. Rome, statue of bambino in St.Maria in Aracoeli basilica
№ 4280-33
photographic. Carpenters building a house
№ 10-775-4АРХИВ
photographic. Panorama of Insbruck
№ 4280-101
postcard. Fruit seller
№ 3472-16
painted. 5th humorous song "Akh ty, da okh ty, vse poshili kofty..."
№ 10-119-1АРХИВ
postcard. The willows
№ 3651-356
photographic. Bessarabia: peasant men
№ 10-138-1АРХИВ
painted. On the way to St. Antonichek
№ 4280-155
photographic. Cheleken: Turkmen woman
№ 10-353-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 4,323