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Tanuma, radja Aiduma
МАЭ И 2085-31
Samples of tattoo
МАЭ И 2085-5
Side face portrait of a boy from Yap Island
МАЭ И 2085-30
The Admiralty islander
МАЭ И 2085-38
Boat with balancing beam, platform, oar, anchor
МАЭ И 2085-21
МАЭ И 2085-2
Young man Losso from orang hutan people, about 20 years old
МАЭ И 2085-45
N.N. Miklukho-Maclay's house at Bougarlom Cape
МАЭ И 2085-44
Portrait of man with nose decoration
МАЭ И 2085-43
Image of statue at Easter Island
МАЭ И 2085-48
"Gambor" tomb
МАЭ И 2085-29
Namu - Papuan man from Maragum-Mana village
МАЭ И 2085-35
Stage "barla" on which the Papuans eat and sleep
МАЭ И 2085-18
Bangsa Roho Ohorello, 59 years old, chief of Toleho village
МАЭ И 2085-49
Magic item "pomali"
МАЭ И 2085-19
Storage of skulls "tambuna"
МАЭ И 2085-15
Tomb "gambor"
МАЭ И 2085-25
Samples of the Papuan ornaments
МАЭ И 2085-7
"Vang" boat
МАЭ И 2085-27
Samples of Papuan's ornaments from Maclay Coast
МАЭ И 2085-3
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