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Woman from early medieval Sogdia
№ 6080-23
Murzak-Koba: skeletons cleared, view from the inside of the grotto
И 602-35
Admiral Fyodor Ushakov (1745-1817)
№ 7630-3
Fedor Ivanovich (1557–1598) – Russian Tsar, younger son of Ivan the Terrible, the last representative of the Rurik dynasty and de jure ruler from 1584.
№ 7591-2
Bronze Age man from Khaptsigay (Irkutsk Region)
МАЭ № 6080-13
МАЭ № 7591-1
Murzak-Koba. Screening the ground of the 3rd level: Helix snail shells
И 602-10
Early nomad from Pokrovka
№ 7630-4
Double burial at Yuzhny Oleniy Island
И 1886-79
Young chimpanzee
№ 6080-1
Tribal chief of the Great Migration Era from Tugozvonovo
№ 7630-5
Double burial at Yuzhny Oleniy Island
И 1886-77
Sungir Man
№ 7630-2
Murzak-Koba: Clearing the crania
И 602-28
Woman from ancient Khorezm (6th century AD)
№ 7630-6
Early Iron Age man from Lugovskoy cemetery, Ananyino culture
№ 6080-16
General view of Iskar Mount with Murzak-Koba grotto
И 602-1а
Total found on query: 57