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"Sitka Island: log huts or dwellings of the Kolosh near the port of New Archangel"
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"Cape Espenberg (in Kotsebue Sound)"
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Sitka Island. A View: [from] the upper cookhouse"
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"Sitka: Little and Big Iablochnye Islands"
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"The RAK [Russian-American Company] Post in Aian Bay"
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"Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island in the Straits of Juan de Fuca"
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"Sitka Island: Kolosh[enka] River and in the distance the Ekho-Pivo"
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"The funeral of the Kolosh toion, the Thin-Armed (Kukhan-Tan)"
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"A view of New Arkhangel harbor from the eastern redoubt"
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"An observatory on the Japanese Island in Sitka: Japanese Island with observatory and steamer Nikolai I"
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"Bering Strait between Gvozdev Island and Prince of Wales Cape, 1843"
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Total found on query: 51