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A wooden house with garlow
НВФ 21-16
Forest river at Perkijarvi railway station
НВФ 21-1
Still-llife with bread
МАЭ И 1228-817
View of Gulaf of Finland
НВФ 21-120
Russian stove with oven in medium peasant Ivan Pavlov's log house
НВФ 21-5
New order of dwellings
НВФ 21-7
Woman at weaver's loom
МАЭ И 1228-842
Construction of a log house
НВФ 21-12
Maria Komarova (4-year old)
НВФ 21-112
Celebration of the Panteleimon Day (9 August): cow aspersion after all-village prayings
МАЭ И 1228-825
An ancient roadside cross at junction "Olonets-Petrozavodsk" post roads
МАЭ И 1228-828
Boulders neat Perkijarvi railway station Perkijarvi
НВФ 21-2
View of church
МАЭ И 1228-831
Drying of bended sledge runners
МАЭ И 1228-816
Stones at the entrance to Palalahta village
НВФ 21-111
A village cemetery:  late 18th - early 19th century tomb to the fore
НВФ 21-43
At middle-peasant's farmstead
НВФ 21-110
Total found on query: 1,097