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photographic. Princess M.K. Tenisheva's museum in Smolensk
№ 10-1145-5АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: scene at a window
И 2219-24
photographic. Russian types: peasant girls
№ 10-45-1АРХИВ
Reykjavik: laundry at sea
№ 4280-294
postcard. Bengali comedy
№ 3472-11
photographic. Greetings from Omsk. Inside a Kirgiz yurt
№ 10-249-1АРХИВ
painted. Russian song "Pozhaluite sudarynya"
№ 10-114-1АРХИВ
photographic. Rome, via Appia Nuova
№ 4280-46
painted. Nordiska museum: woman in Skone region costume
№ 10-532-3АРХИВ
photographic. Imperial Academy of Sciences. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: Maori tomb (New Zeeland)
№ 10-1194-5АРХИВ
photographic. A storehouse at the bank of Uftyuga village in Vologda government
№ 10-83-1АРХИВ
painted. Women at church in Ruokolahti
№ 10-703-3АРХИВ
photographic. Truck fleet in Ashkhabad (from "SSSR na stroike" magazine)
№ 10-169-1АРХИВ
painted. View of West lake
№ 3651-349
photographic. A girl with mother
№ 10-1345-5АРХИВ
painted. Fair in Lubishov
№ 10-475-3АРХИВ
colored. Children
№ 10-472-3АРХИВ
painted. Tirol, mountain tops.
№ 4280-79
painted. Nurnber, the Iron maiden torture instrument
№ 4280-183
photographic. Musicians
№ 2471-89
Total found on query: 4,323