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peoples of Europe
photographic. Stockholm Nordiska Museet: hall No. 64 - 1780-1800s
№ 1166-33
painted. Piotrkow women's and men's costumes (l'Atlas des costumes populaires polonais)
И 2011-20
photographic. Russian types: peasant children
И 2219-25
photographic. Volga region types and scenes: maker of hooks
№ 10-56-1АРХИВ
Athenes: view of Acropole
№ 4280-118
painted. Marta
№ 10-628-3АРХИВ
painted. View of Nurnberg
№ 4280-177
painted. Saaremaa costume
№ 10-737-4АРХИВ
photographic. Rome, statue of bambino in St.Maria in Aracoeli basilica
№ 4280-33
colored. Portrait of young woman
№ 10-694-3АРХИВ
photographic. Tirol. Couple in ancient Groden costumes
№ 4280-92
painted. On the way to St. Antonichek
№ 4280-155
photographic. Rome. Venice's temple
№ 4280-40
colored. Women fro Grodner
№ 10-518-3АРХИВ
painted. Song "Dolya bednyaka..."
№ 10-121-1АРХИВ
photographic. Rome, St. Paolo basilica
№ 4280-17
photographic. Panorama of Insbruck
№ 4280-101
Rhine Dom in Cologne
№ 4280-197
photographic. Bessarabia: peasant men
№ 10-138-1АРХИВ
painted. 5th humorous song "Akh ty, da okh ty, vse poshili kofty..."
№ 10-119-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 1,296