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20th century
Composition "Healing a diseased man. Shaman with rattle in his hand drives "spirit of illness" away
Mannequin "Chief in ritual costume"
Composition "Ceremonial dance"
Mannequin "Warrior in battle equipment"
Indian Sitka brass band
МАЭ И 2222-3
 Sitka city view from landing-stage
МАЭ И 2222-1
Indians treating skins
МАЭ И 2222-6
Indian site panorama
МАЭ И 2222-2
Postcard. Imperial Academy of Sciences. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: Tlingit ritual cloths (Alyaska)
МАЭ № 10-1191-5АРХИВ
The Indian dressed in ceremonial costume with rod
МАЭ И 2222-4
Wattled Tlingits` baskets
МАЭ И 2222-7
The Indian in ceremonial costume
МАЭ И 2222-5
Total found on query: 12