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Children of collective farm head
И 1149-26
Women of one family in festive national cloths
И 1149-23
Women in national cloths
И 1149-8
Women's round dance
И 1149-19
Innokentiy Vdovin - ethnographer, linguist, author of text books on Chukchi language
И 1370-209/2
Round dance of women in festive national cloths
И 1149-24
И 1149-20
Pupils at physical education
И 1149-5
Women's dance
И 1149-25
Kurd women's dance
И 1149-21
Kurd children
И 1149-22
General view of Oshakon village
МАЭ И 1821-1
Sun Sarkiz chapel
МАЭ И 1821-3
Half-ruined Our-Saviuor's church in Ani
МАЭ И 2064-2
St. Ripsime's armenian church built in 618.
МАЭ И 2064-1
Akhpat monastery (?)
МАЭ И 2064-43
View of temple
МАЭ № 2808-1
Persian teamen at Yerevan bazaar
МАЭ И 2064-4
Bazaar in Yerevan
МАЭ И 2064-3
Akhpat monastery (?)
МАЭ И 2064-44
Total found on query: 31