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Panorama of Jerusalem
МАЭ И 2072-26
МАЭ И 2072-49
Pastors at St. John monastery
МАЭ И 2072-34
View of Pilate's house
МАЭ И 2072-41
View of chapel of the crown of thorns and Turkish kasernes
МАЭ И 2072-4
Russian church of the Holy Trinity
МАЭ И 2072-67
Panorama of the Russian block in Jerusalem
МАЭ И 2072-6
Jeremiah grotto
МАЭ И 2072-84
View of El Asra mosque
МАЭ И 2072-68
Inside view of El Aksa mosque
МАЭ И 2072-94
View of Caiaphas's (Joseph) house
МАЭ И 2072-10
View of Solomon's ponds
МАЭ И 2072-11
View of a road from Bethlehem to Jerusalem
МАЭ И 2072-2
View of Via Dolorosa and Pilate's house
МАЭ И 2072-32
View of the Kings' Tomb in Jerusalem
МАЭ И 2072-13
View of the Holy Sepulchre temple
МАЭ И 2072-50
Golgotha, the Greek church altar
МАЭ И 2072-65
Panorama of Jerusalem
МАЭ И 2072-43
View of part in Jerusalem
МАЭ И 2072-85
David's tower in Jerusalem
МАЭ И 2072-96
Total found on query: 56