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Stump of Carica Ogodecadia, where Indians breed jasuca (Rhyuchoporus) larvae
МАЭ № 4551-12
Bay view in Upper Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-143
Steamer of Brazil Lloyd Diamantine. Marado hill. Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-140
Alberto Vojyech Frič in South America
МАЭ № 1391-235
Indian family with painted faces
МАЭ № 4551-11
High bank canyons or valley Baraucas. Puerto 14 de Mayo, Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-136
View of Kadiuveo shawl, embroidered with glass beads
МАЭ № 1391-227
A. Frich - researcher of Southern America Indians, with an Indian, brought to Europe
МАЭ № 1391-230
Chamacoco man, with a snake on his shoulder. Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-92
The beginning of last Boggiani travelling to Medanos
МАЭ № 1391-155
Chamacoco man with his breast expire of blood. Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-104
Picture of five europeans from Braja steamer and three indian young Chamacoco woman. Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-118
View of Indian Kaingan cemetery
МАЭ № 1391-205
View of shaman head attire and adornings made of ant-bear bristle
МАЭ № 1391-223
View of ruins of conquistadors` houses
МАЭ № 1391-186
View of feather head attire
МАЭ № 1391-214
Chamacoco man with his wife. Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-103
Portrait of Indian, pounding maize for cooking of Chipa
МАЭ № 4551-19
Landscape of Chako, view of Puerto 14 de Mayo. Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-126
Tattooed woman Chamacoco, Kadiuveo slave. Paraguay
МАЭ № 1391-120
Total found on query: 149