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View of Constantinople
№ 4028-5
View of Constantinople
№ 4028-4
Embankment in Smyrne
№ 4028-8
Panorama of Smyrne
№ 4028-9
View of Constantinople
№ 4028-3
Aft and house of Tambov steamboat
№ 2198-205
View of Constantinople
№ 2198-204
View of bazar
МАЭ И 2072-61
View of a palace
МАЭ И 1946-30
View of Tophana mosque
МАЭ И 2072-37
Camel stopping place
МАЭ И 2072-79
View of Sultan Mahmud tomb
МАЭ И 2072-38
Turkish houses
МАЭ И 2064-40
View of Bayezid mosque
МАЭ И 2072-74
View of the Sultan's mosque in Dolma Bahche palace
МАЭ И 2072-12/2
View of palace at Bosporus
МАЭ И 2072-75
View of Franque street in Smyrne (Izmir)
МАЭ И 2072-60
Woman with narghileh
МАЭ И 2072-80
View of bunder in Smyrne (Izmir)
МАЭ И 2072-77
St. Sophia's chapel in Constantinople
МАЭ И 2072-36
Total found on query: 55