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painted. Saaremaa costume
№ 10-737-4АРХИВ
painted. Saaremaa costume
№ 10-738-4АРХИВ
painted. Women in national costumes from Tarvastu
И 2219-44
painted. Saaremaa costume
№ 10-739-4АРХИВ
painted. Girl with flowers
И 2219-51
painted. Woman and men in national costumes from Hageri
И 2219-41
painted. Woman and man in national costumes from Ansekula
И 2219-42
painted. Woman in national winter costume from Viljandi
И 2219-43
painted. Peasant woman with cloths press board from Vastseliina
И 2219-48
painted. Saaremaa costumes: Mustjala
№ 10-743-4АРХИВ
painted. Saaremaa costumes: Mustjala
№ 10-744-4АРХИВ
painted. Woman with girl in national costumes from Hargla
И 2219-47
painted. Woman in boy in national costumes of Kolga-Jaani region
И 2219-40
photographic. Musician
№ 10-741-4АРХИВ
photographic. Man's portrait
№ 10-740-4АРХИВ
painted. Aged woman and girl in national costumes from Rouge
И 2219-46
painted. The Setu in national costumes
И 2219-49
painted. Women in national costumes with bear cub (Audru and Parnu-Jagupi regions)
И 2219-39
painted. Saaremaa costumes
№ 10-745-4АРХИВ
Portrait of man
МАЭ № 160-265
Total found on query: 22