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painted. Country scene
№ 3651-340
photographic. Manchuria: travelling musicians
№ 10-777-4АРХИВ
postcard. The willows
№ 3651-356
painted. Swimming pool
№ 3651-343
painted. Bird's eye view of Lihwa
№ 3651-353
photographic. Manchurian Customs. Tien-Hu-Kung Festival, Dairen. High footed procession in Chinese historical costumes gay with music
№ 10-780-4АРХИВ
painted. Building for silkworm breeding in Beijing Zoological garden
№ 3651-304
painted. Tomb and tample on the place of Chuko Liang death
№ 3651-384
photographic. Manchuria: Chinese wooden plow and winnower
№ 10-779-4АРХИВ
photographic. The coolies group aside the road. Manchu
№ 10-792-4АРХИВ
painted. Stone Archway leading to the Thirteen Mausoleums
№ 3651-385
Tea picking
МАЭ № 1690-57
Manchuria.Gods in Chinese joss house
МАЭ № 10-771-4АРХИВ
Round altar in the Temple of Heaven
МАЭ № 3651-316
Chinese joss house
МАЭ № 10-770-4АРХИВ
St.Ignatius Cathedral in Shnaghai
МАЭ № 3651-324
The She Li pagoda
МАЭ № 3651-348
Fa Hai Monastery
МАЭ № 3651-346
The temple of Heaven
МАЭ № 3651-305
Stone images of warriors at the road to the Ming Tombs
МАЭ № 3651-296
Total found on query: 72