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Herd of cows in Mato Grosso
МАЭ № 1391-164
Makushi Indians visit of expedition camp, Brasilia
МАЭ № 4552-25
 Full height portrait of man, with a bow. Brazil
МАЭ № 1391-23
Scene with Wai-Wai women, carrying cassava shoots for planting
МАЭ И 41-7
Portrait of young woman
МАЭ № 107-11
Dwelling of Ildefonso chief from Cutingо, Brasilia-Guyana
МАЭ № 4552-38
Portrait of young woman
МАЭ № 107-12
Arekuna Indians prepared for transition, Brasilia
МАЭ № 4552-12
Travelling by boat "Caracol" from Chako deep down to Mato Grosso
МАЭ № 1391-156
Makushi Indians group with Serra Pracaná on background, Brasilia
МАЭ № 4552-26
Dance holiday near Serra da Pracaná
МАЭ № 4552-44
Vehicles, harnessed by oxen in Puerto Murtinho, Mato Grosso
МАЭ № 1391-160
View of buildings on a bank of Puerto Murtinho in Mato Grosso
МАЭ № 1391-158
Women Arekuna from Alto Cutingo
МАЭ № 4552-1
View of Makushi Indians in the camp
МАЭ № 4552-46
Three men with head attire from Alto Cutingo, Brasilia
МАЭ № 4552-2
View of fort Coimbra in Mato Grosso, Brazil.
МАЭ № 1391-151
W.C. Farabee expedition near river Apiniwaw mouth, Brasilia
МАЭ И 41-37
Кonebo Indian in a boat with motor, Brasilia
МАЭ И 41-40
Group of Arekuna Indians, came for holiday celebration, Brasilia
МАЭ № 4552-6
Total found on query: 89