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Woman riding donkey
МАЭ И 1946-88
Sellers of curiosas
МАЭ И 1946-56
Peasant woman with a child
МАЭ И 1946-84
"Mohammed's carpet" arrival in Cairo
МАЭ И 1946-32
МАЭ И 1946-10
Mosque of sultan Hasan
МАЭ И 1946-25
Snake chamer
МАЭ № 3300-5
Panorama of Cairo
МАЭ И 1946-18
Portrait of young men
МАЭ № 3300-15
Horse monument to Mehmet Ali
МАЭ И 1946-16
Scene in Cairo street
МАЭ № 3300-1
Group of women at house
МАЭ № 3300-10
Girls taking water from the Nile
МАЭ И 1946-39
A blind man with sighted boy
МАЭ № 3300-11
A family
МАЭ И 1946-58
Mosque of Cairo fortress
МАЭ И 1946-22
The Nile bank
МАЭ И 1946-36
A street scene in Cairo
МАЭ И 1946-43
Portrait of girl
МАЭ И 1946-86
Camel rider in desert
МАЭ И 1946-62
Total found on query: 108