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Water carriers
И 1946-48
A coffee house
И 1946-41
Group of men with woman and girl
И 1946-59
A boy with mule
И 1946-52
Water carriers
И 1946-76
Arabian dancers
И 1946-82
И 1946-69
Girls taking water from the Nile
И 1946-39
Tomb of the Mameluke sultans
И 1946-20
Portrait of young men
№ 3300-15
И 1946-70
И 1946-50
Market in Cairo suburbs
И 1946-33
View of the Nile river and pyramids
И 1946-13
Selling sugar cane
И 1946-44
View of street in old Cairo
И 1946-24
A money-changer
И 1946-64
Sakkara: tomb of Tit
И 1946-8
Museum in Giza: general view of room
И 1946-4
A dwelling in Cairo
И 1946-37
Total found on query: 108