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"Mohammed's carpet" arrival in Cairo
МАЭ И 1946-32
Sakkara: tomb of Tit
МАЭ И 1946-8
Garden irrigation at the Nile river
МАЭ И 1946-72
Bridge over the Nile in Cairo
МАЭ И 1946-27
A fleet of ostrich
МАЭ И 1946-31
Date picking
МАЭ И 1946-65
View of Memphis
МАЭ И 1946-9
Boy-fellah (peasant) on bull
МАЭ № 3300-12
Water wheel
МАЭ № 3300-4
Snake chamer
МАЭ № 3300-5
Museum in Giza: sphinxes
МАЭ И 1946-1
Sculptures of Boulac museum
МАЭ И 1946-7
Museum in Giza: sarcophagi
МАЭ И 1946-3
Museum in Giza: sculpture of Sheih-el-Beled
МАЭ И 1946-6
Museum in Giza: general view of room
МАЭ И 1946-4
Museum in Giza: sculture of Isis Hator, king Psammetichus and Osiris
МАЭ И 1946-5
Museum in Giza: statues of pharaoh's son Ra-Hotep and dame Nefet-Ta
МАЭ И 1946-2
Mosque of Cairo fortress
МАЭ И 1946-22
View of street in old Cairo
МАЭ И 1946-24
Mosque of sultan Hasan
МАЭ И 1946-25
Total found on query: 108