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Chili, Republic
Portrait of Araucana woman with silver adornments, Chili
МАЭ № 4219-3
View of Araucana Indians dwelling, Chili
МАЭ № 4219-8
Group of Araucana women dressed in traditional costumes and silver adornments, Chili
МАЭ № 4219-2
View of Araucana women during funeral , Chili
МАЭ № 4219-1
Way of carrying of children by Araucana women, Chili
МАЭ № 4219-5
Spanish woman in araukana costume, with two children, Chili
МАЭ И 754-10
View of Araucana cemetery, with funeral tombstones, Chili
МАЭ № 4219-7
Portrait of Araucana young women dressed in traditional costume, Chili
МАЭ № 4219-4
Total found on query: 8