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Dwelling of Ildefonso chief from Cutingо, Brasilia-Guyana
МАЭ № 4552-38
External view of Makushi Indians house in British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-4
View of forest hut near Roraima
МАЭ № 4552-52
View of Wapishana woman near press and pressed cassava, British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-10
Screening and baking the manioc
МАЭ И 41-16
Taruma Indians in a boat, on Essenito river, British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-20
View of Makushi Indians in the camp
МАЭ № 4552-46
View of huts and barracks in Serra do Mel and Serra do Mairary
МАЭ № 4552-49
Wapishana Indian Antonio with his two wife, British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-26
View of Indian huts with cookies beju on roofs in Serra do Mel
МАЭ № 4552-51
View of Roraima from opposite river bank
МАЭ № 4552-55
Portrait of Wapishana Indians group from Majary, Brasilia-Guyana
МАЭ № 4552-33
Wai-Wai Indians crossing river Essenito rapids, British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-36
Use of a fire-drill
МАЭ И 41-18
Wapishana woman scraping cassava, British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-14
Women scraping pressed Brazilian arrowroot.
МАЭ И 41-12
View of Makushi Indians Oachapan village in British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-2
Portrait of Arekuna women with baskets behind back
МАЭ № 4552-57
 Internal view of Makushi Indians working house in British Guyana
МАЭ И 41-5
Portrait of Wapishana men and Arekuna women, Brasilia-Guyana
МАЭ № 4552-37
Total found on query: 41