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Arkhangelsk, region
painted. Birch-bark salt-cellar with hammered drawing (Pinezhskii uezd). Birch-bark containers (Arkhangelsk and Severo-Dvinskaya regions)
И 1266-7
photographic. Types of the North. Boy called Antokha
№ 10-204-1АРХИВ
painted. Kholmogory figures for bisquits: horseman, cow, dog
И 1266-3
photographic. Hunters fish a killed walrus up to ice floe
№ 10-213-1АРХИВ
photographic. Russian North: peasant girl from the village of Ust-Tsylma Pechora district of Arkhangelsk government
№ 10-199-1АРХИВ
painted. Wooden toys made of natural curves of Karelian birch: cock and hen
И 1266-4
painted. Birch bark painted containers
И 1266-6
painted. Kholmogory figure for Christmas cakes of black and white dough
И 1266-2
painted. Drawing from mezenskaya spenning wheel: horses, birds, deers
И 1266-10
painted. Arkhangelsk figure "lion" for Christmas bisquits
И 1266-1
photographic. Nordic view: at a the outskirts
№ 10-164-1АРХИВ
painted. Edge of towel with woofed ornament. Onezhskii district.
И 1266-9
painted. Wooden painted box from Palaschelye village of Mezemnski district and mezenskii belts
И 1266-8
painted. Wooden dove: toy and decoration of room
И 1266-5
photographic. Russian North: the Samoeds in tent. Pechora district of Arkhangelsk government
№ 10-212-1АРХИВ
photographic. Types of Novaya Zemlya. Artist Ilya Vylka
№ 10-280-1АРХИВ
photographic. Resident of Novaya Zemlya Konstantin Vylka with sons
№ 10-282-1АРХИВ
photographic. Russian North: the Samoeds from Mezen, Arkhangelsk government
№ 10-222-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 18