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Tomsk, region
Post from Irkutsk to Tomsk. Morning.
№ 233А-9
Siberian vargants
№ 233А-12
Winter caravan with tea from Kyakhta to Tomsk
№ 233А-10
Coachmen who drove tea from Kyakhta to Tomsk
№ 233А-11
Tomsk beggar in a street
№ 233А-14
View of Barabinskaya steppe in spring evening. Siberian sleigh from Irbit trade fair on the way to Tomsk
№ 233А-3
Cedar cones in natural size. Tomsk tiaga
№ 233А-2
Frozen milk sold at Tomsk bazaar
№ 233А-1
Recruits going to East Siberia
№ 233А-5
Barabinskaya steppe. Post carriage-in-three at 40 degree below zero
№ 233А-4
№ 233А-7
№ 233А-13
Returning free coachmen
№ 233А-8
Caravan with gold from Irkutsk to Tomsk
№ 233А-6
Total found on query: 14