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Place (Russia)
Women's part in a yourt
И 1629-107
Kam Kairyk's tambourine (Chichke-Chargy river) and tambourine from the upper streams of the Elikmanara river
№ 2298-2
Embroidery for mittens
И 1200-4
Sleeve stripe
№ 1680-2
Ornament on harness
№ 2519-5
Portrait of Altai man
И 122-39
Hunters' bag
И 122-16
A. Kugayevskiy - secretary of Agitation and Propaganda of the Russian Cummunist Part of the Bolsheviks
№ 4410-57
Image of spirit of dead shaman-ancestor
И 122-81
Hunter's belt
И 122-110
Wall carpet
№ 2519-40
Ornament on chest for food storage
№ 2519-20
Pattern for embroidery
И 1629-27
Ornaments on blanket, flaska and dombra
№ 2519-52
И 122-109
Winter caravan with tea from Kyakhta to Tomsk
№ 233А-10
Colored embroidery on mitten
И 1629-34
Log yourt
И 122-24
Hook to hang ware in a yourt
И 122-15
Lena river. Evening
№ 5342-2
Total found on query: 853