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Place of printing (Russia)
photographic. The manner of the natives of Hokkaido
№ 2506-7
photographic. Polish Roman Catholic church of Vergin Mary in Krakow
№ 530-1
photographic. Cheleken: Turkmen family
№ 10-60-1АРХИВ
Rostov. Inside view of the White Chamber. Museum was opened in 1883.
№ 2362-9
painted. Seller of strawberry (from P. Ya. Dashkov's collections)
№ 10-66-1АРХИВ
painted. Hanka
№ 10-618-3АРХИВ
painted. Sandomiersk region costumes
И 2011-45
photographic. Types of Russia: peasants drinking tea
И 2219-9
photographic. View of Yekaterininskaya harbor (Arkhangelsk district)
№ 2796-1
photographic. Astrakhan: family of rich Kalmyk
№ 10-152-1АРХИВ
painted. Birch-bark salt-cellar with hammered drawing (Pinezhskii uezd). Birch-bark containers (Arkhangelsk and Severo-Dvinskaya regions)
И 1266-7
colored. Iris flowering
№ 10-880-4АРХИВ
mezzo-tinto. Everyday life of peoples of the USSSR: travelling from village to a city (Bairam-Ali)
№ 10-352-1АРХИВ
photographic. Portrait of Dane woman
№ 530-17
photographic. Frunze. Types of the Kirgiz
№ 10-289-1АРХИВ
painted. Summer Emperor's Palace (Yihe Yuan park)
№ 3651-306
photographic. Grey Bear
№ 644-45
photographic. Far North, Murman, town of Aleksandrovsk
№ 2796-2
painted. Campagna Romana: huts
№ 4280-59
photographic. Mauresque dance
№ 10-1341-5АРХИВ
Total found on query: 3,929