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Social and humanitarian culture
photographic. Polish Roman Catholic church of Vergin Mary in Krakow
№ 530-1
photographic. Cheleken: Turkmen family
№ 10-60-1АРХИВ
photographic. Astrakhan: family of rich Kalmyk
№ 10-152-1АРХИВ
photographic. View of Shah Abdoul-Azim mosque
№ 2471-59
Rostov. Ancient gate at the church of the Lord's Day within the Kremlin
№ 2362-17
photographic. Rome, Vatican, library
№ 4280-5
photographic. The manner of the natives of Hokkaido, Japan
№ 2506-12
photographic. Florence, Cartesian monastery, monks at well
№ 4280-66
Skansen: dances
№ 4280-310
photographic. Dancers
№ 3472-3
postcard. Ashug Djivani with musicians
№ 3972-16а,б
photographic. Tashkent. Ths Sarts at home
№ 10-384-3АРХИВ
photographic. Rome. Pantheon and monument to Vittorio Emanuele II
№ 4280-42
Antwerp, statue of Madonna
№ 4280-204
colored. Koiviston polska (kurkistus) dance
№ 10-701-3АРХИВ
photographic. Everyday life in a village: Mordovian school girl
№ 10-70-1АРХИВ
colored. Volga views: Astrakhan. Kalmyk bride riding tu khurul
№ 10-159-1АРХИВ
painted. View of the Thunder Peak Pagoda
№ 3651-337
painted. Nurnber, the Iron maiden torture instrument
№ 4280-183
photographic. Greetings from Omsk. Inside a Kirgiz yurt
№ 10-249-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 969