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painted. Woman and men in national costumes from Hageri
И 2219-41
painted. Hopeless (Opuszczona)
№ 10-667-3АРХИВ
painted. Types of the Hutsul
№ 10-456-3АРХИВ
painted. Lubelszczyzny region costumes
И 2011-52
painted. Illustration to a poem by A.K. Tolstoi "U prikaznykh vorot sobiralsya narod..."
№ 10-106-1АРХИВ
postcard. Hunters from the White Sea
№ 2786-11
painted. Lowitsch principality: peasants at thier house
№ 10-655-3АРХИВ
И 2011-4
photographic. Russian types: pilgrim
№ 10-36-1АРХИВ
painted. Russian folk song
№ 10-109-1АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: carpenters
И 2203-22
photographic. Indian Angaite, 16 - 17 years old, who was born in Europe (or arrived to Europe), from Puerto Casado, Paraguay
№ 1748-1
painted. Sadecczyzyny region costumes
И 2011-35
painted. Russian folk song
№ 10-110-1АРХИВ
painted. Married woman of Olonets government Kargopol district
№ 10-13-1АРХИВ
painted. Woman and man in national costumes from Ansekula
И 2219-42
painted. Postcard. Imperial Academy of Sciences. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: Tlingit ritual cloths (Alyaska)
№ 10-1191-5АРХИВ
photographic. Girl from Uhersky Brod
№ 10-796-4АРХИВ
painted. Round dance song "Zhena moya zhenushka, serditoe serdtse moe..."
№ 10-123-1АРХИВ
painted. Lowitsh region costumes
И 2011-39
Total found on query: 1,567