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photographic. Tiflis. Dukhan
№ 10-1047-2АРХИВ
photographic. Imperial Academy of Sciences. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography: model of winter dwelling of the Chukchee-nomads (N-W Asia)
№ 10-1189-5АРХИВ
painted. Woman in national winter costume from Viljandi
И 2219-43
painted. Typy Lubelskie
№ 10-651-3АРХИВ
painted. Opochno region costumes
И 2011-37
painted. A cart
№ 10-464-3АРХИВ
painted. Cowboy fun
№ 10-1449-6АРХИВ
painted. Smoker
№ 10-662-3АРХИВ
painted. Russian song "Ne budite molodu"
№ 10-103-1АРХИВ
painted. Typy Lubelskie
№ 10-649-3АРХИВ
painted. Illustration to a folk poem "Ty poslushai, golova, pro tebya idet molva..."
№ 10-122-1АРХИВ
painted. Folk costume of the Kapsai women.
И 2011-11
painted. Types of Russia
№ 10-141-1АРХИВ
painted. Drawing based on motives of Latvian national costume
И 2203-29
photographic. City resident
№ 4653-2
painted. The Lemki
№ 10-459-3АРХИВ
painted. Decision sprang on Friday
№ 10-126-1АРХИВ
painted. Peasant woman with cloths press board from Vastseliina
И 2219-48
photographic. Travelling by Bessarabia: Gipsy man on the way
№ 10-130-1АРХИВ
photographic. Russian types: granny
№ 10-80-1АРХИВ
Total found on query: 1,567