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Karpenko, Vladimir Mitrofanovich
St. Sophia's chapel in Constantinople
И 2072-36
Woman with narghileh
И 2072-80
Panorama of Jerusalem
И 2072-43
И 2072-59
The cave of the Birth in Bethlehem
И 2072-64
View of Jericho
И 2072-39
View of bunder and port in Smyrne (Izmir)
И 2072-58
Damascus gates in Jerusalem
И 2072-3
Portrait of girl from Bethlehem
И 2072-81
Jeremiah grotto
И 2072-84
A dancer
И 2072-21
View of Omar mosque
И 2072-87
Russian church of the Holy Trinity
И 2072-67
St.Helen chapel in Jerusalem
И 2072-46
View of the German settlement in Jerusalem at the road to Bethlehem
И 2072-15
View of the church of Ascension in Jerusalem
И 2072-33
View of bazar
И 2072-61
View of a mosque at the square where King David hold a court
И 2072-9
View of a road from Bethlehem to Jerusalem
И 2072-2
View of interior
И 2072-12/1
Total found on query: 93