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Ost, Monika Feliksovna
Childrens' game
МАЭ И 782-60
Woman with callian
МАЭ И 1428-12
Lattern makers
МАЭ И 782-42
Group of hunters
МАЭ И 782-103
Strolling musicians
МАЭ И 782-55
МАЭ И 782-43
Visiting ceremony at Ozashiki (parlor)
МАЭ И 782-22
Panorama of Nagasaki
МАЭ И 782-8
Girls in traditional costume
МАЭ И 1428-26
Travelling chair
МАЭ И 782-85
Peony garden in Yokohama
МАЭ И 782-66
Sumo wretslers
МАЭ И 782-72
Portrait of young woman in traditional costume
МАЭ И 1428-23
МАЭ И 782-46
Iris flowers in Horikiri
МАЭ И 782-95
Fragment of decorative carving
МАЭ И 1428-6
Tea house girls
МАЭ И 782-34
Boys festival
МАЭ И 782-21
View of Tokio from Atago
МАЭ И 782-36
Panorama of Yokohama
МАЭ И 782-61
Total found on query: 145