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Matveeva, Zotika
photographic. Korean children in winter cloths
И 762-17
photographic. Peasants at rice polishing
И 762-10
photographic. Court house in Seoul
И 762-4
photographic. Post street in Seoul
И 762-3
painted. Cooking Korean stickjaw
И 762-12
painted. Korean woman in a street
И 762-21
photographic. Korean singers in full costumes
И 762-15
photographic. General view of Seoul
И 762-1
photographic. Statue of Buddha
И 762-24
photographic. Seller of fire wood
И 762-14
painted. Dining
И 762-18
photographic. Korean way of land farming.
И 762-6
painted. Corean artsist
И 762-16
photographic. The Christian Youth Society House
И 762-5
colored. Korean noble man riding donkey
И 762-19
painted. Nobleman appearance in old times
И 762-20
painted. Travelling by Korea
И 762-22
photographic. Mile posts dedicated to spirits
И 762-25
photographic. Ancient coins of Korea
И 762-26
Total found on query: 19