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Rostov Museum of Church Antiquities
Rostov. Church of Lord's Day above the northern gates of the Kremlin, built in the late 17th cent.
МАЭ № 2362-8
Inside view of the church of the Savior-over-the-Galleries in Rostov, built in the late 17th cent.
МАЭ № 2362-7
Rostov. Church of St. Jogn the Evangelist and its western wall
МАЭ № 2362-12
Rostov. Ancient gate at the church of the Lord's Day within the Kremlin
МАЭ № 2362-17
Rostov. South door way of St. John's the Evangelist church in the Kremlin, built in 1683
МАЭ № 2362-15
Rostov. Spaso-Yakovlevskii monastery
МАЭ № 2362-24
Rostov. Assumption cathedral and bell tower
МАЭ № 2362-14
Rostov. A cathedral.
МАЭ № 2362-13
Rostov. The Kremlin from the South
МАЭ № 2362-20
Rostov. The Kremlin from the East
МАЭ № 2362-22
Rostov: view of the western district of the city
МАЭ № 2362-5
Rostov. The Kremlin
МАЭ № 2362-28
Rostov. Inside view of Otdatochnaya Chamber
МАЭ № 2362-10
Rostov. Ioninskaya Chamber after restoration in 1884
МАЭ № 2362-11
Church of the Savior-over-the-Galleries, built in 1675
МАЭ № 2362-6
Rostov. Inside view of the White Chamber. Museum was opened in 1883.
МАЭ № 2362-9
The Kremlin from the West
МАЭ № 2362-26
Rostov. Church of the Lord's Day and Assumption cathedral
МАЭ № 2362-29
Rostov. Dmitrovskoye religious school
МАЭ № 2362-25
Total found on query: 19